I’m typing this after the beautiful snow blizzards we’ve had in London this week, looking at these photos in disbelief that this sunny weekend was only seven days ago. Flowers and sunshine really do give the impression that spring has sprung, and I’m sure that it will do once we are done with all the snow. These photos make me so happy, I am such a fan of being outside during the better weather. I don’t believe I have been to Kew Gardens since a school trip at primary school, of which I remember absolutely nothing so I was excited to return!

Palm House

The palm house is extremely instagrammable and almost entirely on trend in terms of popular home decor right now! House plants, this white, Art Deco style, birdcage type exterior, I can certainly understand taking inspiration from here. You can wander amongst the leaves and climb the picture perfect spiral staircase for an aerial view of the palm garden below. Plumes of steam are constantly emitted to maintain the temperature and air quality in here which I thought was very cool. It is toasty warm in here too as the palms need a climate of heat for optimal conditions.

Orchid Festival

This was our prime reason for visiting to get a burst of springtime floral colour and the exhibit did not disappoint. It was outrageously busy, understandable for a rare sunny Saturday in February but it was at times ‘impossible to move’ busy which is stressful after long enough. Undeterred, we continued on to photograph the vibrant blooms, delicately draped from pillars and arranged around ornate centrepieces. This floral arch was my favourite element, I sort of want this in my garden.

Treetop Walk

We wandered past the pretty orangery, through the fields and across to the impressive treetop walk which from the top provides a wonderful view of London and of Kew. I’m not brilliant with heights but I was ok up here until the wind blew!

Unfortunately the main attraction – The Temperate House – has been closed for refurbishment for a few years. It is reopening in early May this year though, which I would be very keen to return for! The Great Pagoda Tower is also closed for refurbishment at the moment, to reopen this year. All in all though this was such a fun springtime day out, in the fresh air of the gardens you do not feel like you are in London.


I’ve slipped in a couple of photos from our trip the next day to Columbia Road Flower Market. I’ve never been here before and I LOVED it. Arriving at midday it was heaving and impossible to see anything for long hence the scarcity and quality of the photos. I was so taken with the orange and lemon trees, beautiful spring tulips and roses and ferny house plants, surrounded by cacti. I have always wanted a jungle in my house, when I move to somewhere a little less cream carpeted all over I will be making this happen. There is such a wide selection at the market, including plenty of outdoor plants which has more than motivated me to start looking for a garden flat! Market opens every Sunday 8am-3pm. Go early!

For now, I hope you are enjoying the Winter Wonderland!

Love, M.

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