From time to time I get a real burger craving and am considering making this into a series if anybody would be interested in seeing a whole lot more on burgers. I feel like Byron is a good place to start – having recently attended an 18th birthday lunch here (unfortunately I am quite a bit beyond 18, such is life as a twenty-something). I have been to Byron many times and always enjoyed it, I often find the burgers here come rarer than you have asked for, but perhaps this goes to the taste because the meat here is always so succulent. We visited the Westbourne Grove branch.

I must admit I somewhat lost track of what everyone around me chose to order, being so focused on my own Christmas special ‘Fromagemas’, complete with a jug of liquid cheesy goodness, with nine different types of cheese. I love that they serve a huge slice of gherkin on the side at Byron, it just isn’t a real burger without one right?


Where Byron scores big is on the sides – firstly on the thick frothy milkshakes which come in several delicious flavours. I went for vanilla which complimented my burger perfectly. These can also be ramped up to hard shakes, if you fancy a little whiskey or similar mixed in. There is something about milkshakes with burgers and fries that makes me feel like I’m sat in a 1950s diner somewhere in the US, straight out of Grease and I love that! Is that just me?

More about those sides, we went for the most perfect Mac ’n’ cheese, skinny fries and courgette fries. Byron definitely can be creative, and I enjoy what they do in terms of seasonal specials. You can’t go wrong with a Byron burger.

Where should I go for my next burger? I have heard insane things about Dip ’n’ Flip…

Love, M.


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