As charming as I find the Marie Antoinette reference, please don’t be terribly upset that there are in fact no photos of actual cake on this page. We had croissants (in the plural) for breakfast and found some beautiful macarons if that is any great consolation! Does anyone remember the Marie Antoinette film starring Kirsten Dunst from a while back with that cracking soundtrack? That was sort of what I had in mind when planning my visit to Versailles, minus the relentless drinking champagne from saucers as if it were tap water.

If you are staying in Paris, believe me it is more than worth the day trip out to Versailles, without question, it is the most opulent and utterly stunning palace I have ever visited. There is something iconic about Versailles – I adore palaces, and somehow everything else I have come across in Europe seems to try to emulate the splendour of Versailles. For pink house lovers (and I certainly come under this category)this is a dream come true, just look at the courtyard:

What can I really say about these painted ceilings, I don’t think any description could do them justice. You can almost sense the living history in the Hall of Mirrors, where the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919.

The grounds and gardens are a feat in themselves – be sure to descend the famed staircase. I am about to come out with my favourite line ever so do bear with me, ‘I’m sure the gardens are far more lush and vibrant and beautiful in the summer’. For me, everything is so much better in the summer in the heat of the sun. We were fortunate really to have a beautifully clear and sunny if not extremely cold day. I much prefer a blue sky photo, don’t you?!

To see everything here I would suggest that this is a full day trip. The grounds are extensive and are worth properly exploring so you don’t miss bits like Marie Antoinette’s little farm house and fantasy village. If you are short on time though, a whistle stop tour of the grounds and palace could probably be kept to a morning or an afternoon.

Is Versailles on your list too?

Lots of love, M.

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