I couldn’t resist an autumnal trip to Little Venice in Paddington this week! I had never actually been before surprisingly enough so only knew what to expect from Instagram. The Little Venice area is a short walk along a stretch of the Grand Union Canal home to several waterside boat cafes and pubs.

I’ve always thought how terribly interesting it must be to live on a houseboat – I actually had a teacher once who did a long time ago. I gather when you get used to the long narrow space you would have everything you’d expect to see in a flat no? Except it must be very cold in winter?! If you do know, let me know, I am curious!

So this was when the sun came out and as with everything, the river and houseboats look even more gorgeous and colourful in the sun.

At the very end of the walk we came across this which I think was my favourite boat! Duck egg blue with some beautiful planted flowerpots. Nice to see some flowers actually, as much as I am enjoying the leaves! We then continued on to The Union pub just along the canal for some well deserved burgers and to escape the cold!

Have you been to Little Venice yet? What did you think?

Love, M.


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