How absolutely stunning was the weather in London this weekend? This is the autumn we have all been dreaming about – crisp and cold (and it felt very cold!) but with the orange autumn leaves bathed in golden sunlight. It seemed like a wonderful weekend to explore and so we made our way to Chiswick House in West London. The historic house is closed for the winter until March but you can still enjoy the beautiful gardens. We were lucky enough to visit on Sunday whilst preparations were very much underway for the Magic Lantern Festival – the colourful installations, even in daylight, are captivating and they truly are magical, I think any child would love this!

Chiswick House

This is, I suppose, the instagram shot. I adore the classically inspired architecture. Lord Burlington’s 18th century structure was modelled on a Roman villa. The grounds have been used throughout history to welcome state visitors of extremely high importance, and once saw giraffes and elephants roaming the grass and gardens.

The Conservatory and Italian Garden

When originally planted, this was allegedly one of the most expensive gardens around and interestingly represented a movement away from the regimented and orderly gardens fashionable at the time, instead focusing on a more natural landscape. Having seen the photos of the Italian Garden in full bloom in the summer I will certainly be back for a warmer weather visit. The Kitchen Garden here also still grows produce you can purchase during summer.

For anyone ever in the area, possibly with an intention of heading to the beautiful Chiswick Fire Station, Chiswick House is not to be missed it is a gorgeous day out! Especially, I would imagine, in the summer.

What do you think?

Love, M.


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