When we weren’t hanging out on a beach this is basically everything else we got up to whilst in Cyprus. There are still other things I wish we had done, like visit Paphos Zoo for example, apparently you can feed tigers and giraffes there, check it out on Instagram! Unrelated advice also, if you do happen to visit the capital Nicosia from the South, make sure to take your passport with you to cross over on foot to the North. We forgot to do this, but the North has some beautiful architecture like the Buyuk Han and the Selimiye Mosque that would be best enjoyed from the ground no doubt, as opposed to from the observatory watchtower in the South which is what we had to settle for. In terms of what we did do though, this is probably one for the history buffs.

Mazatos Camel Park

This is very well put together and it is such a fun day out to see the camels. You can feed them (what looks like dried banana leaves), go on a camel ride around the extensive grounds and enjoy the gift store. The animals seemed happy and calm and looked clean, shiny and well taken care of, they almost look like they are smiling!


Tombs of the Kings

The Tombs of the Kings comprise an underground network of tombs dating back to the 4th Century BC. We think that bygone aristocrats of Cyprus were buried there long ago, as opposed to actual kings. This was a hugely impressive landscape and was very powerful to visit and reflect on. This is challenging terrain though and there are a lot of steep climbs and descents, I struggled in my little patent tassel loafers and wished I had worn trainers!


Paphos Archaeological Park

This is a spectacular breathtaking site which includes four stunning and elaborate Roman Villas. Significant portions of the mosaics have survived and these are mesmerising, photos really do not do them justice. The sprawling site is still being excavated. How exciting to think there might be even more to see here than meets the eye! We started with the very impressive amphitheatre.


Spring time 

Spring visits to Cyprus will allow you to see so many of these beautiful yellow flowers covering the ground. Even with the reduced temperatures this is such a beautiful time to visit, and as you can see, you can have some of the major attractions  pretty much all to yourselves which makes for much prettier pictures of things!


These beautiful arches are part of the House of Dionysus – wine please?


These pillars are part of the House of Theseus, minus the minotaur .


Cat whisperings

We made many a feline friend in Cyprus, there are lots of beautiful cats roaming free everywhere, most of whom I think are semi-feral which makes me sad that they don’t all have homes and families to take care of them. I hope they get a lot of attention whilst they roam around anyway.


Ammos Beach Bar

A very quick sushi tip to finish, how insane does this sushi platter look? It tasted just as good. This is one of the sushi platters at the Ammos Beach Bar on McKenzie Beach in Larnaca, which is a very modern, very instagrammable white and blue painted bar offering some wonderful and innovative dishes. This mixed sushi platter was genuinely amazing.


If you made it to the very end of this post well done you, and you and I have a lot in common, you should stick around!

Love, M.


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