Firstly, when in Cyprus, I would totally recommend hiring a car. If you are normally based on the UK they drive on the same side of the road and the same side of the car which is enormously helpful and I never found the roads to be that busy at all. That said, take care at traffic lights, red lights seem to mean something different at times!

Secondly, unless you are staying right on a beach, do a day road trip around some of the beaches in the Ayia Napa region, work out which is your favourite, and get your suncream and/or ice cream ready.

Ayia Napa has quite the party-going reputation but is also home to some of the most stunning white sand beaches on the island. We visited Cyprus off season which made for pleasant 20 degree temperatures (could have been just a little warmer if we are being really fussy, it was a little cool to swim!) and almost deserted beaches. We weren’t staying in this area so I can’t speak for the nightlife here outside the peak summer months.


Makronissos beach

First stop, Makronissos beach. I understand that this large and picturesque beach really does get going in peak season, particularly with watersports fans. This was the first beach we visited and I was instantly in love! We were so lucky to have this almost to ourselves; a quick look at other travel photos shows it strewn with sun loungers in high season. By the way, the cafe on the beach does great chips, just for reference!


Nissi beach

Nissi beach is supposedly the most popular touristy beach around here and is close to the main town and nightlife strip. You might recognise this one, with a white sand stripe of beach separating the crystal clear ocean, leading to a small rocky island. Foolishly I thought it was more than warm enough to swim, enticed by how lush the water looked. It was bloody freezing.


Cape Grecko

The water at Cape Grecko might be the bluest natural sea I’ve ever seen. This is the key location on the island for snorkelling amongst the reefs and is a protected nature park. Bonus, it is also allegedly home of the Ayia Napa sea monster!


Konnos beach

Konnos beach was my favourite beach across the whole island. Isn’t it stunning? Cyprus has some beautiful blue waters anyway but I loved how unspoilt and green this beach was and there is definitely a romance to a beach hidden away in its own bay. You can climb the cliff paths from the beach around to Cyclops cave which is worth the walk and there are beautiful views from the top. It’s just so photogenic!


Aphrodite’s rock

Aphrodite’s rock is one of the most photographed attractions on the whole island and legend has it that this rock is the birthplace of the goddess herself so to say that this is a mythologically significant site is an understatement.

Swimming around this foaming rock some say will make you lucky in love, but these are very rough waters so this is really not recommended and probably not at all safe. That’s quite profound isn’t it really if you think about it! We visited on a grey day but I think this would look stunning in bright sunlight. Despite the chill there were plenty of visitors taking photos in the water. Braver souls than I. Bet they got great photos though.


Enjoy your road trip!

Love, M.


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