Pasta bar anyone?! Let’s just say I was desperate to try this one.
Padella, pasta bar of the moment in Borough has become quite the institution. It is for good reason that whatever time you go, there always appears to be an enormous queue snaking its way out of the door all the way around to Borough Market. We unexpectedly and quite accidentally somehow managed to stumble across the ideal time to go and not have to wait too long. As the restaurant opens at 12.00, 11.45 on a Sunday was the sweet spot. Even then, we still had a short queue ahead of us but we were able to get in with the first group of patrons which I thought was a result!
We had wonderful seats at the bar where we had a brilliant view into the kitchen to see where the magic happens. Each pasta dish is cooked completely fresh and with personality! I loved the attitude of the staff here, it was like we were having a mid-afternoon party.
On to the good stuff, we went for sourdough bread and burrata with olive oil to start and let’s just say it was a winning combination.
Fettuccine with nduja, mascarpone and parsley was the absolute standout dish for me here, it was everything you could want in a pasta. I could genuinely probably have eaten about six more of those, it was so rich and full of flavour. Trust me if you go here, and order this.
The tagliarini with slow cooked tomato sauce was also beautifully flavoured and classic.
Fettuccine with chicken livers was an interesting choice which I am glad to have tried but probably wouldn’t get again/wouldn’t be able to finish myself.
I think we could have done with one more dish between us, two portions each and a starter might sound like a lot but having not had breakfast we certainly would have managed it!
Find Padella just outside Borough Market and let me know what you think!
Until next time, I will be dreaming about carbs.
Love, M.

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