Lake Bled is one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. I could tell I was going to love Slovenia from the moment I left the airport to a breathtaking view of forests, meadows and snow drizzled mountains. It is for good reason that this is all over Instagram, it’s a photographers paradise.
We only had one stunning day of sunshine out of three but we certainly made the most of it. It’s a gorgeous hike around the lake and you can also rent a bike and cycle if that’s more your thing. We rented a rowing boat and headed out to Bled Island which is the picturesque island you will recognise, complete with a beautiful church.
I am told that this is also a ski resort in the winter months, hence the very handy ski lift which transports you up to this utterly stunning view. The best way to descend is on the FunBob, which really is as fun as it sounds. Not afraid to admit I was petrified to get on this, I had visions of myself going flying! For anyone concerned, I did make it back to ground and/or lake level in one piece.
Then the rains started but we trekked undeterred to this beautiful waterfall set at Vintgar Gorge. Be warned that this is quite a hike, it took us a couple of hours to get up there. It is worth the schlep to see the bright blue green waters, in better weather I think this is one of the spots you can go canyoning, for the watersports inclined.
In terms of accommodation, Hotel Carmen is a beautiful and affordable place to stay, with such gorgeous views of the lake from the balcony. There was also a sauna in the room which I thought was a cracking idea after our very wet hike. It was a shame that I then properly overheated.
Transport wise, Bled is well connected to the rest of Slovenia by regular buses and shuttles if you are looking to move around and you probably will if you are on a longer trip, you can see a lot of this area in just a few days. The roads are also pretty good for anyone who wants to rent a car, and I can imagine this is a wonderful way to see Slovenia, the views whilst you drive are stunning. We conveniently visited over a Slovenian Bank Holiday weekend though – I think it was something like Feast Day (I could get on board with that) and it is worth bearing in mind that transport links are much reduced during holidays. Summer visits whilst much busier I think would be even more beautiful.
Have you been?
Love, M.

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