On the topic of brunch, has anyone else read that ridiculous/hilarious article doing the rounds on how millennials like myself would absolutely be able to afford buy a several hundred thousand pound property in London if we just stopped buying brunch and that we were quite literally eating ourselves out of house and home one avocado toast at a time?! If only it were that simple!

As I’ve gotten older, weekend brunch has become something of a regular fixture in my diary lately to celebrate various lovely occasions, and needless to say I am very happy about it. Good food really is my number one, and sometimes nothing can beat a spiced Bloody Mary and Eggs Royale. I didn’t think I could write a substantive enough post on each brunch spot to warrant writing separate posts, I think sadly I was too preoccupied with the food to take enough photos for this, so I have combined five of my favourite recent brunches into one post. I hope this doesn’t make you too hungry.

Hotel du Vin

Brighton branch, this Sunday brunch was genuinely outstanding and special, perfect for an occasion. I assume it is but it may not be exactly the same in every Hotel du Vin branch, but in Brighton, Sunday brunch is a set four course menu of soup of the day, a French market charcuterie table, a meat main such as a burger or beef roast and a choice of desserts. The soup was butternut squash. The charcuterie table was simply stunning – I piled on the prawns, smoked salmon, mozzarella stuffed pimento peppers, olives, chorizo, french bread, onion, tomato and spinach salad and various spreads. Next came a deluxe burger and a delicious beef roast and we finished with pistachio ice cream and a selection of cheeses. This was all incredible served in such a gorgeous environment with mint green chairs and a very pretty marble tabletop. If you are planning on this do not eat anything before you go, I was so full! Divine.


Bills is such a classic and is a restaurant I absolutely adored during my university days with their pantry full of goodies to buy. There was never really one close enough to me at home to warrant going so when I do get the opportunity to go I always make the most of it. At Bills in general I find it so upsetting these days that they no longer have moules mariniere on the menu, one of my ultimate favourite dishes although never as good as those served in the South of France. Anyhow, their brunch is outstanding. We went for Eggs Royale and a sublime vegetarian breakfast, traditional and fabulous, and a lot more what one would expect a brunch to look like. It’s the eggs isn’t it, they are just essential!

The Tudor Rose

This is a gorgeous vintage pub in a beautiful old village serving beautiful food to match. This salmon, squash and fennel delight (easy on the fennel, it gets overpowering quickly) is probably the prettiest dish i have been served of late. I visited this one with my grandmother who went for a hearty beer battered cod and chips which got her all important seal of approval. No eggs here, do not fret though, more to come!

Caballo Lounge, Epsom

This is honestly such a cracking find, such an unusual little place on Epsom High Street. The Faraday diner in Epsom is another excellent one but I digress. You really cannot go wrong with a Sunday morning spiced Bloody Mary, and lots of perfectly poached eggs! Here we have Eggs Florentine and an avocado and tomato smash on toast which is literally everything you’d want for brunch. They have a tapas menu too which looked insane, I will be definitely be back to try that.


Cafe Pistou, Exmouth Market Farringdon

I cannot apologise enough for forgetting to photograph this one but I enjoyed it here so much I simply had to mention it, this was potentially my favourite of my five recent brunches. I clearly got too overexcited and forgot to take pictures as I went for my beautiful university housemate’s birthday this year for the bottomless bubbles brunch – as much prosecco as you can drink in two hours, served in the most decadent Marie Antoinette-esque glass saucers. This was fabulous, and the food was exquisite also, I had an avocado toast dish, and between the twenty of us there all manner of eggs, toast, vegetarian ravioli and a vegan feast of veggie sides were consumed and thoroughly enjoyed.  Exmouth market is such a cool area, there looks like a lot I would love to try here. We all piled into the pub across the road afterwards, this I can unreservedly recommend too! I will certainly be returning to this one, and next time I assure you there will be pictures!

What are your favourite brunch spots? I would love to know!

Hope you are all keeping well.

Love, M.



  1. January 2, 2017 / 7:49 am

    I love love love brunch in London…it’s probably what I missed the most about London after moving back home to Canada! That tomato soup looks so yummy, it made me soooo hungry just looking at it!

  2. January 17, 2017 / 9:59 pm

    Ah I love this.. I am so hungry having seen these pictures now! haha. x

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