Another beautiful National Trust offering in the heart of Dorking, Polesden Lacey, previously home to Edwardian hostess Mrs Greville who frequently entertained the aristocracy, is absolutely stunning in Autumn. By happy coincidence, we were lucky enough to visit the same weekend as the food festival and country fair. The cider, wine, cheese and churros were my personal highlights but the festive seasonal offerings ranged widely from afternoon tea in a teal blue caravan to vendors selling dark varnished wooden garden furniture.

The house is opulent and luxurious, in the process of being restored to its former glory and complete with chandeliers, this rather fetching Bollinger display (my favourite) and the most elegantly laid dinner table.

We had both rain and shine during our visit, seeing the most vivid rainbow I think I have ever seen on our drive back home. The extensive grounds and beautiful floral gardens were still in full bloom. I must say we rather enjoyed the wet purple deckchairs.

I love nothing more than getting lost in an old country house and gardens, National Trust venues really do make wonderful days out. I am planning to move to the city as soon as I am able. No doubt this will change my content to more London-centric days out which I am sure will be more familiar and exciting content for many. Until then, I will make the most of my time out in the countryside, I really do love it here. I am also experimenting with letting my photos do the talking so to speak, trimming down the length of my posts to just captions on the basis that it is the photos that best show readers whether or not this is a day out you would enjoy. What do you think about these shorter posts? Let me know!

Love, M.

P.S Wait for it, the sun does come out!

The food festival

The beautiful grounds

An abundance of apples.

Full on paparazzi shot of these two cuties peeping around the hedge corner. I think my desperation to own a dog is evident at times like these.

Anyone for croquet?

The house

How beautiful is this tiara?

Hello Bollinger


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