It seems almost outrageous to be posting this in November, due to starting my new job I am unfortunately so incredibly behind on my blog posts, despite having plenty of photos at the ready and loads to say! I toyed with not posting these end of summer bits but decided I would and just hope you will forgive them being so off season. ¬†Clinging on to the summer, we enjoyed a wonderful day at the seaside in Brighton which is a necessary annual event. Brighton really was basking in the heat on the Sunday that we visited, so much so that my desired ‘fish and chips on the beach’ Instagram did not happen for fear of worsening the sunburn obtained in Bali! Also missing sadly, is an ice cream photo, which I feel is an essential part of the summer Brighton experience. Not to worry though, we did stretch to a white magnum!! I have been lusting after one of those rose shaped ice creams in a cone that I have been seeing everywhere if anyone knows what I mean? My search continues.

For anyone who has never visited, the pier and the promenade are both a must see. Getting lost in the lanes is such fun, every shop front is just so quaint and pretty. There is an abundance of great food here too, I always tend to leave feeling obscenely full, what with all the fish and chips, ice cream, pier doughnuts etc. Don’t forget the stunning Brighton pavilion and be sure to buy yourselves a stick of Brighton rock! Farewell to summer.

Love, M.

P.s. For overnight stays, stay at The Grand.


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