Our driver referred to this the Volcano Tour so that is what I will call it too! He planned this day and the sites incorporated around us wanting to see Mt Batur. We were tempted to try a sunrise trek on Mt Batur which sadly never quite materialised. A friend of mine who was coincidentally in Bali at the same time posted an Instagram of her friends doing this and it looked beyond incredible!
The Dance – Batabulan Art Village
This was the definition of a tourist trap but I have to say I loved it anyway! It was fabulous to see some expressive traditional Balinese dance with such beautifully ornate costumes. There was a very helpful leaflet in English explaining the mythological storyline of the battle between the Barong and the evil Rangda at each stage of the hour long dance. Price 100,000 rp per person.
Batabulan Temple
This was the first temple we visited in Bali and we were very excited about it. We hired our sarongs which at this stage of the trip was quite the novelty and wondered at the beautiful offerings laid throughout the temple.


Tegenungan Waterfall
How stunning is this waterfall? By far one of my favourite parts of the trip, it was only a shame it was so busy when we went! Still, I can’t blame anyone for wanting to enjoy this! It was boiling hot too, perfect weather for a dip.



Coffee plantation

This was a suggestion from our driver and it was another excellent one. There are many coffee plantations in Bali, something I wasn’t aware of until we started driving around. This was the Satria coffee plantation which is so well presented and organised; staff members guided us around explaining each crop and then let us try the cocoa and coffee beans. They also explained the cooking process and even let me have a little go! After, we were escorted to a lovely little viewing platform over the plantation and brought a complimentary tasting platter of all the coffees and teas produced at the plantation. We bought the vanilla coffee, the cacao and some mangosteen tea from the very reasonably priced shop and all in all had a lovely time here. A note on coffee in Bali; alongside normal coffee production, the region prides itself on its production of Luwak coffee. For those who don’t know, a Luwak looks a little like a cat and special coffee beans are fed to them and are then, ahem, ‘harvested’ from their droppings. The fermentation in their stomachs supposedly develops a unique taste. Anyone concerned with animal rights you are right to take note here. I suspect a lot of the Luwak are kept in confined conditions and not fed a particularly balanced diet which seems incredibly mean and exploitative. Satria does have a small Luwak production. We were however, enthusiastically ensured by the staff that their Luwak apparently live completely naturally and entirely in the wild so make of that what you will.



Lunch with view of Mt BaturĀ 

This was what we came for and this was probably the best view for lunch I’ve ever had in my life! There is something so immersive about open air dining in nature and whilst the food was a simple buffet which for me consisted of a nice balanced plate of carbs, the landscape made this lunch incredibly special.



Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple

This was another one of my favourite temples. I think every temple with a water element I counted amongst my favourites, there is just something incredibly atmospheric about it. This was a very special and very pretty temple, where worshippers come for the holy spring water. We were fortunate enough to witness a profession of offerings here which was just amazing, and our driver then explained some more to us about Hindu ‘procesi’



Gunung Kawi Ancient Rocky Temple

The penultimate stop of the day was Gunung Kawi Ancient Rocky Temple and this was certainly different to the other temples we visited throughout the trip, you could really feel the powerful age of the place. For a first tour this was an extremely varied and exciting day out. What an introduction to Bali outside Ubud!



We finished the day at the Tegalalang Rice Terraces which really need no words. The quintessential, stereotypical photo of Bali and having seen them with my own eyes I now understand why.

Did you visit any of these places? Let me know what you thought!

Love, M.


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