I have somewhat confusingly entitled this post ‘Seminyak’ because I know this is a key region of interest for many in Bali, although I suppose technically the majority of our time here was spent slightly down the road in Legian, between Seminyak and Kuta. Largely, on the stunning white sand Legian beach right behind our hotel. After so much incredible sightseeing, it was time to have a relax.


So naturally relaxation involved learning to surf.


Having never attempted to surf before, this happened on rather a whim. What a great experience though, I had so much fun despite being utterly knocked out the next day. Ribs, arms, legs everything! Also, having been so careful with the sun for the entirety of the trip, two hours of surfing and not reapplying SPF was of course where I came unstuck and got sunburnt.

Surf lessons are readily offered on Legian beach, and we ended up paying a very reasonable 500,000 rupiah for two people for the two hours. You improve quickly and it is beyond satisfying the first time you are able to stand up and stay up! Great fun and you can say you’ve surfed in the crystal clear waters of the Indian ocean, just perhaps not the one for the day before a 14 hour flight if you’ve never done it before!


sem9.jpgsem8.jpgsem12.jpgsem11.jpgsem17.jpgsem16.jpgSunsets in Bali are notoriously incredibly beautiful, this I can confirm. Although some nights were slightly cloudy, some were clear and breathtaking.

A quick word on where we stayed, we were at the Padma Resort Legian for five days. The outstanding breakfast buffet here is the biggest I have ever seen, with an impressive choice between Indonesian classics, full english and an amazing continental cheese and cold meat selection. Resort is very much the word, the complex is sprawling with several swimming pools and eateries and is incredibly busy in high season.




sem6.jpg sem5.jpg

sem3.jpgEssentially heaven in one image there, french fries are my ultimate weakness.

Finally, whilst we didn’t visit, I also hear fantastic things about the Potato Head Beach Club and Ku De Ta Beach Club, both in the Seminyak region so possibly something to try if you’re ever in the area.


Some standard plane window shots as we were arriving into Singapore for the transfer.

Have you ever been to Bali? What did you get up to? I’d love to hear about it!

Love, M.


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